Visit Florence

by Lymarie Maymi

Visit Florence

Visit Florence to get this view

View From piazza di michelangelo

If you ever visit Florence you have to go and visit Piazza di Miguel Angel this place has the best Sunset views of Florence. When I was visiting the city I had to decide between taking taxis or walking, this is something that as a traveler you always have because it’s the difference between saving some money and see a lot of things or going out of a budget and missing simple but beautiful things. I decide that walking was the best option, the most I could because first, I had to do some exercise after bariatric surgery and second  I knew that it was the best way of seeing the city and I wasn’t wrong. I’d took me 1 hr of walking to get to plaza but I got there in time just to see the amazing beautiful orange sky colors of this florencian sunset.

When you visit a city try to walk the most that you can, trust me you won’t regret it, plus you can burn calories and eat that dessert that you want without any guilt 😍🤣 . . . . .

If you want to get the best prices for all the museums in the city i really recommend   the people from Weekend in Italy,  here is a link to get a great bundle for the ESSENTIAL FLORENCE

If you want to read more about what other tings you can do in Florence you can read my 4 day guide in Florence written in Spanish

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