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What to do in Florence in 4 days?

the best things to do in Florence

This guide will show you the best things to do in Florence, Italy. It will help you organize your stay in Florence for 4 days.

If you decide to visit Italy, you must include Florence in the list of places that you must visit.  Set aside at least 4 days for this wonderful city cradle of Romanticism. You just need to keep in mind what places you want to see so you can organize an itinerary so you can get the most out of your 4-day visit to Florence.

Located in the Tuscany region, Firenze is a very romantic city in Italy with spectacular views and wonderful sunsets. One of the things I liked the most about the city is that all the buildings are quite similar cream colors and their tiles color brick. Giving a uniform appearance in its architecture thanks to its Renaissance style. World Heritage City by Unesco.

How to get to Florence from Rome

You can get there by train from Rome in 2 hours at a cost of approximately 40 euros. Make sure that when you arrive you buy the Firenze Card so you can save on your museum tickets and public transport, you can buy it here

What to do in Florence in 4 days?

Best places to visit in florence

Since you only have a 4-day visit in Florence you should make the most of the time. Therefore the organization of time is very essential so that you can see the most important thing and you can take a Day Trip outside the city.

  • Michel Angelo square
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Uffizi Gallery
  • Academy Gallery
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria de Fiore
  • Pissa
  • Cinque Terre National Park

Places you must visit in Florence

Day 1: Walk Florence

¿What to do in Florence on day one your first visit to Florence?  you must include a walk to explore the city. I recommend that you take the Free Tour of Civitatis so that you can see how the city moves. As you tour the city you will find works by street artists and you will be able to appreciate its architecture.

If you like walking you can go to visit the Ponte Vecchio. After that, take a walk to the Plaza de Miguel Ángel is a long journey and you must climb quite long stairs, but it is worth it just for the views.

Best of Florence

I recommend that you take the tour in the afternoon so you can see the best Tuscan sunset.

Visitar Florencia, Visit Florence in 4 days
View of the viewpoint of the Plaza Plaza de Miguel Ángel

Day 2: Visit the galleries of Florence

What to do in florence in 4 days?

Visiting Florence and not seeing its galleries is almost a crime. Although you are not an art lover, you must visit the 3 important galleries of the Tuscan city. The Accademia Gallery where El David is located one of the most important works of the artist Michelangelo, who was responsible for many works of art in Italy at the time of the 1500s. Visiting the Accademia gallery will take you approximately 1 or 2 hours since it is small.

The Uffizi Gallery where you will find works of art by the famous Leonardo da Vinci. I recommend that you purchase both tickets in advance as the lines to purchase the entrance tickets can be up to 1 hour.

If you are interested in doing an expertly guided tour, I recommend acquiring a Civitatis Tour to learn the most important details of each work.

Visit Florence
View of Ponte Veccio from the Ufizzi Gallery

What to do in florence in 4 days?

Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria di Fiore and the Duomo museum with its impressive views of the city. To enter the Cathedral, you must be dressed appropriately. Remember no cami shirt is allowed, remember that even if you are visiting a tourist place, it is still a church

dome, duomo, cathedral
Cathedral of Santa Maria di Fiore

You can visit the three Museums on your second day since they are small and closed to each other. It is worth mentioning that the galleries are closed on Mondays and that the first Sunday of the month admission is free.

If you are not interested in the recommended tours above, here is where you can buy tickets for the three galleries. This way you avoid having to wait in long lines to buy entrance tickets.

  • The Great Duomo Museum https://www.museumflorence.com/
  • Uffizi Gallery https://www.uffizi.it/en/the-uffizi
  • Accademia Gallery http://www.accademia.org/

What to do in Florence in 4 days?

Day: 3  Day Trip to Visit Pisa and Cinque Terre

Lining Tower of Pisa

To make the most of your visit to Florence, set aside a day to visit Pisa to see its Leaning Tower, the Square of Miracles and the Cinque Terre National Park.

This day trip can be done on your own, but you must keep in mind that it is a bit exhausting since you have to take several trains to get to the final destination that is Cinque Terre.

pisa, leaning tower, italy
Pisa tower

You must leave early by train from Florence Central Station to Pisa Central Station. Once you arrive to the station you will take public transport to the Tower of Pisa. This visit will take you approximately 2 to 3 hours.

Cinque Terre

What to do in Florence in 4 days?

Then you will take another bus to the Pisa train station and from there you will take a train to Vernazza, this is one of the 5 towns of the Cinque Terre National Park a World Heritage Site.

These five little towns; Vernzza, Montetoso, Manarola, Corgnilia and Riomaggiore are located on the shores of the Italian Riviera. Its villages can only be visited by train, walking on its sidewalks. To be able to do this Walk you must buy the ticket when you arrive at the train station of one of the towns.

It is worth mentioning that the route between the towns can take one hour walk and that there are some sections that are closed.  Finally, by boat the ticket can be purchased at the dock of each village

Visit Florence

Depending on the time you visit the park, you can take a bath in its crystal-clear waters. What you should take advantage of is having dinner in one of the local restaurants. I recommend you try some Pesto pasta; this sauce is original from Cienque Terre and don’t forget to eat one of its famous Gelatos.

Best of Florence
BestPasta Pesto

If you are a fan of the sunsets, choose to visit Manarola before sunset, you will be able to see the best Italian sunset from this little town. To finish this tour, buy a train ticket from Manarola to Santa María de la Novella station that will return you to Florence.

cinque terre, manarola, italy

If you do not dare to do the Day trip on your own, The tours below are your best Options to visit the both towns


Day: 4 Florence without Itinerary

What to do in Florence in 4 days? On your last day in Florence, take advantage and visit unexpected places that you did not have on your agenda. I recommend you to walk, you will see many street artists in the city center. Take photos for posterity and the memories you want to share. Go to the Gelateria the Grand Duca you will not regret it.

Take advantage and eat some gnocchi a la Florentina are exquisite. Go shopping for souvenirs to give a present. Be the first on your gift list.

Where to stay in Florence on a budget?

To have the local experience use Couch Surfing and Air B&B is your best option to live like a local when visiting Florence. GET $25 off Cupon of your first stay here

If you are looking to stay in hotels, you can use the search engines below so you can have the best deals for booking your hotel stay

Best of florence


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Visit Florence Instagram Post

If you ever visit Florence you have to go and visit Piazza di Miguel Angel this place has the best Sunset views of Florence. When I was visiting the city I had to decide between taking taxis or walking, this is something that as a traveler you always have because it’s the difference between saving some money and see a lot of things or going out of a budget and missing simple but beautiful things. I decide that walking was the best option, the most I could because first, I had to do some exercise after bariatric surgery and second  I knew that it was the best way of seeing the city and I wasn’t wrong. I’d took me 1 hr of walking to get to the plaza but I got there in time just to see the amazing beautiful orange sky colors of this florencian sunset.

When you visit a city try to walk the most that you can, trust me you won’t regret it, plus you can burn calories and eat that dessert that you want without any guilt 😍🤣 . . . . .

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If you want to read more about what other things you can do in Florence you can read my 4 day guide in Florence written in Spanish


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